​​​​​​​​​​​John Forelli

When 21 year old Eddy cheats on his girlfriend with a beautiful actress, he experiences the pleasure and pain of love and loss, lust and heartbreak. Along the way he'll have the chance to reconcile with his dead mother, estranged father, and the brother he's never known. ONE WOMAN, TWO TOWERS is The Catcher in the Rye meets 500 Days of Summer, and through the laughs and tears it might show you some things about life you've never seen.

When Ray Ality arrives for a job interview at Simulations Inc. he's immediately drawn to Delilah, the cute receptionist. Only one problem: she's engaged. 

Ray soon concocts a plan to win Delilah over, as he and his new, eccentric coworker Bob use the company's software in an attempt to simulate the process of courting her. Ray soon discovers that the simulations aren't exactly what he expected, and as he sinks deeper into virtual reality it becomes harder to distinguish real life from the imaginary. 

This novel is Office Space meets The Matrix--an existential discourse told among keyboards and cubicles.

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When Theo Lajee is assigned to write a magazine story about a strange new kind of concert, he begins a descent into the wild world of electronic dance music. He hears rumors of a mythical DJ that lead him on a drug fueled, dancing pilgrimage to the world's greatest clubs and festivals, but it's a journey that may end up costing him everything he holds dear. 

FINDING DJ MACGUFFIN is a story about truth: in life, love, and song.